Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ads that'll make you say WTF?!

"We took a young woman with severe memory loss and helped her forget she ever had it."
Now that's an achievement.

Thanks to my dentist, I'm wearing my favorite jeans again."
Sounds like the dentist is operating on the wrong end.

Learn to play the harmonica... with your eyes?

Rejuvenate your skin... Wow – what a difference! Isn't that Keith Carradine?

"24 Hour Animal and Pest Control"... including those annoying babies.

"If you had no idea what to get her for Valentine's Day... Imagine how overwhelming arranging her funeral would be."
Honey, I didn't get you flowers, but I did arranged your funeral

Well, as long as it is gentle...

Hey, guys, looking for some 'sheep' fun?

Bring your favorite mexican?

"I gave in English everything what you mean! Guaranteed"

Off Incest Repellent. Back off, daddy!