Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guide for Tag Removals

Don`t use this in the store! Use it only if they forget to remove the tag, so you have to do it by yourself.

- You will need:

1) A very strong magnet. In everyday life the strongest magnet you can get is the magnet from the computer’s Hard Drive. You can usually get one non-working disk from some computer store who sells used hardware. It would cost you dollar or two.

The magnet itself is glued to the surface - you need to insert the blade between the magnet and the disk and then you have a magnet!

One magnet might be not enough, you gotta get a few of such for best results. But beware - anything magnetically - sensitive like credit card or small electronic devices should be taken away from it - or it can be easily harmed!

So when you have the magnets put them one to another (like in the picture).

Now take the item.

That’s NOT right way to put it.

And that’s right way to do it!