Monday, June 30, 2008

Golf Cart Mods

Those complaining about high gas prices and the lack of electric cars need look no further than the putting green, where electric golf carts are being converted to look like Hummers, hot rods and even fire trucks. Some carts are even capable of speeds in excess of 45 mph and will travel 25 miles on a single charge. Even Saleen has a Modded GEM Neighborhood Vehicle (NEV), which can legally drive on city streets. Which is where, if gas prices go up any higher, we'll be thinking about taking them. In case things come to that, we've put together seven of the most compelling converted carts below the jump.

7. The Hummer H2 Golf Cart
This may be one of the most amazingly intricate golf cart conversions available and, with a 5.5 HP electric motor, it'll keep your gas prices down. In addition to looking just as tough as an actual Hummer H2, this raised chassis features a cooler, embroidered seats and burlwood touches. While you may blink at the $18,500 price, just remember how much more fuel efficient it is compared to a real Hummer. [Luxury Carts]

6. 1957 Chevy Bel-Air
For those who want a classic look, but aren't interested in the time and maintenance it takes to keep one looking pretty, may we suggest the the 1957 Chevy Bel-Air kit? This one fits over your existing golf cart and comes unpainted so that you can get it to match your lifestyle. For just $2,550, plus the cost of a used golf cart, how can you say no?

5. Electric Super Shuttle
Do you have a large family or consider yourself extremely popular? Considering launching your own bus company but lack the funds to fill up the average bus, which gets 2-3 mpg? Try the electric Super Shuttle, which can carry as many as 14 passengers and looks like a modern transit bus. It's also a good way to sneak into Disney World with your family. For just $19,900, can you afford not to buy it?

4. Bentley-esque Golf Cart
Since we doubt Bentley will ever license (like Hummer) the rights to their cars for the purposes of luxo-carts, we're glad someone filled the niche by designing a cart that looks like a bad Chinese knock-off of the Bentley Continental GT. Though the sport wheels are included in the $22,450 price, the CD player is going to cost you another $650.

3. Tomberlin Emerge
If it's good enough for 50 Cent, it has to be good enough for some people. Another NEV, the Tomberlin Emerge is a highly customizable Jeep-like vehicle good for an electronically-limited 25 mph with a range of 30+ miles. Other than including seatbelts, one of the best features of the Emerge is its regenerative downhill braking system for those who live in hilly areas. The base price for one of these is less than $6,000, before chrome wheels.

2. Antique Fire Truck Golf Cart
What happens if someone's hummer golf cart bursts into flames? Call in the fire golf truck. More than just a body kit, this cart actually comes with oak ladders and flashing emergency lights. Assuming you're an actual firefighter, you can get your own personal crest added to the side of the truck. They even come with a full warranty.

1. 1932 Hi-Boy Electric Roadster
This eRoadster doesn't even pretend to care about golfing needs, going instead for the "neighborhood vehicle" approach. Depending on the gear ratio, this cart can achieve a top-speed of 45 mph and a range between 25 and 45 miles (though likely not simultaneously). While there's no enjoyable exhaust note, there's also no exhaust smell... because there is no exhaust. At just $5,950 over the cost of a new cart, it's still cheaper than most new electric cars.